Unraid server build

Back around 2010 I built an unraid server for my home. Unraid is a linux based “collection of disks with parity” system for building a large disk system similar in concept to raid 1 or JBOD but with one or two parity drives. At the time I had a ton of 340 gb and 500gb drives which I threw into a 20 sled 4u chassis to create a multi-terrabyte system. I then put all of my software as well as music and video collections on it. It worked great.

Around 2014 I moved out of that house and took the server down. I pulled all of the videos off onto a single 2 tb usb drive and the old server sat in the corner.

Here we are in 2018 and I decided to build out a Plex media server. And there was Unraid, waiting to serve. In the meantime Unraid has advanced into a much more full fledged system than “back in the day”. I am in the process of learning new skills so I decided to build out a new server to run my old Unraid license. I have always rolled my own so I built a Ryzren 2600 with 32 gigs ram. I found a bunch of 3 tb drives and bought a 5 tb drive for the parity. Voila 9 tb of Unraid storage, plenty for that collection of 500 movies as well as my 6K of (mostly) Amazon music. Plus my now ancient software collection.

I downloaded a Plex Docker file and brought it up in just a few minutes. Pointed it to my unraid media directories and I had Plex up and running. I brought up a Windows 10 Pro VM and a Linux Mint VM. I brought up a Dynamic DNS Docker. I am shooting for hosting a Mastadon instance on my server (using a set of Docker files), something that I think is doable.

When AMD drops the bomb on Intel this summer, I will buy a 16 core 32 thread Ryzen to replace my 6 core 2600 plus another 32 gb ram to up the ante on my server power. I expect to host a system I wrote for a client which runs 5 little Windows VMs and a largish SQL Server. I will virtualize the SQL Server which is currently bare metal and move it onto the server. 16 cores should just about handle the load.

All using Unraid as the foundation. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Enough for tonight. I’ll write more about setting up a python programming environment for study.

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