Microsoft Access and Office automation

Colby Consulting has been doing Access and Office automation since the mid nineties.  Access is a Rapid Application Development environment and we have used it to design applications from scratch to run an American screw manufacturer, a disability insurance call center, a clothing manufacturer, a membership database for the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve and many others.

SQL Server Automation using C#

SQL SERVER Automation

Server automation does not fit Access because of the single threading model of VBA.  We used C# to design a complex application which automates exporting 400+ million names and addresses every month to virtual machines which run Accuzip™ software.  The automation server application moves the names to text files containing up to 2 million names each, then pushes those text files to virtual machines, watches for Accuzip to finish processing the files, moves the files back to the automation server, then import just the address changes back into the databases.

From building the servers, installing Windows 2008 Server and SQL Server 2008, building the virtual machines, writing and installing the C# application, we did it all.

We can do it for you too.